Room: Saal B4

08:45 – 08:50   Welcome

Session 1: Quadruped Robots [Chair: Ioannis Havoutis]
08:50 – 09:10  Sven Behnke — University of Bonn, Germany.
Title: “Hybrid Wheeled-Legged Locomotion in Semi-Structured Environments.”
09:15 – 09:35  Ioannis Havoutis — IDIAP Research Institute, Switzerland.
Title: “Planning and Perception on HyQ: Real-Time and On-Board”
09:40 – 10:00  Diego Pardo (Jonas Buchli) — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Title: “Optimal and Learning Control for Gait Free Legged Locomotion”

10:00 – 10:30   Coffee Break

Session 2: Biped Robots [Chair: Maurice Fallon]
10:30 – 10:50  Shuyun Chung (Oussama Khatib) — Stanford University, USA.
Title: “SupraPeds for Locomotion in 3D Unstructured Environments.”
10:55 – 11:15  Maurice Fallon — University of Edinburgh, UK.
Title: “Continuous Locomotion with Stereo Fusion and Online Footstep Optimization.”
11:20 – 11:40  Nicolas Mansard, Olivier Stasse — LAAS-CNRS, France.
Title: “Perception for Multi-Contact Locomotion on the HRP-2 Robot.”

11:45 – 12:05   Poster Teaser

  • Antoine Cully, Jeff Clune, Danesh Tarapore, Jean-Baptiste Mouret [INRIA, France]
    Title: “Robots that can Adapt like Animals”.
  • Marco Camurri [IIT, Italy]
    Title: “Real-Time Depth, Kinematics and Inertial Fusion for Local SLAM on Dynamic Legged Robots”.
  • Jakub Mrva, Krzysztof Walas, Dominik Belter, Martin Stejskal, and Jan Faigl [CTU,Czech Republic].
    Title: “Proprioceptive-based Learning of the Traversability Cost Assessment and Terrain Classification with Exteroceptive Sensors”.
  • German Castro, Claude Sammut, and Bernhard Hengst [UNSW, Australia]
    Title: “Learning to Scramble over an Irregular Surface with a Humanoid Robot”.
  • Carlos Mastalli, Ioannis Havoutis, Michele Focchi, Darwin Caldwell, and Claudio Semini [IIT, Italy]
    Title: “The Role of Contact Forces in Highly-Dynamic Motion Planning”.
  • Ji W. Kim [KITECH, Republic of Korea]
    Title: “Normal Distributions Transform Registration using an On-manifold Optimization Technique for 3-D Mapping with Humanoid Robots”.
  • Naveen Kuppuswamy, Francesco Romano, and Francesco Nori [IIT, Italy]
    Title: “Optimal Ankle Impedance for Stable Foot Placement on Uneven Terrain”.
  • Ramil Khusainov, Arthur Sagitov, Ilya Shimchik, Ilya Afanasyev, and Evgeni Magid [Innopolis University, Russia]
    Title: “Modelling Walking Primitives Approach in Simulink for Russian Anthropomorphic Robot AR-601M”.
  • Yukitoshi Minami Shiguematsu*, Antonio Morell**, Kenji Hashimoto*, Jonay Toledo**, Leopoldo Acosta** and Atsuo Takanishi* [*Waseda University, Japan, **University of La Laguna, Spain]
    Title: “Towards a Sensorimotor System based on that of Humans to study its Effects on Walking Stabilization”
  • Dimitrios Kanoulas [IIT, Italy]
    Title: “Rough Terrain Perception for Bipedal Robots using Curved Contact Patches”.

12:05 – 12:50   Poster Session

12:50 – 14:00   Lunch Break

Session 3: Biped Robots [Chair: Dimitrios Kanoulas]
14:00 – 14:20   Philipp Karkowski (Maren Bennewitz) — University of Bonn, Germany.
Title: “Efficient Height Map Learning for Traversability Estimation and Footstep Planning.”
14:25 – 14:45  Debora Clever (Katja Mombaur) — Heidelberg University, Germany.
Title: “Model-based Optimization for Humanoid Walking on Challenging Terrain.”
14:50 – 15:10  Alexander Stumpf (S. Kohlbrecher, Oskar von Stryk) — TU Darmstadt, Germany.
Title: “A Common Perception and Footstep Planning Approach for Different Humanoid Robots with Application to DRC Scenarios.”

15:15 – 16:00   Coffee Break

Session 4: Quadruped/Biped Robots [Chair: Eiichi Yoshida]
16:00 – 16:20   Peter Fankhauser (Marco Hutter) — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Title: “Localization and Terrain Mapping on StarlETH.”
16:25 – 16:45   Martim Brandao — Waseda University, Japan.
Title: “Planning Footsteps for Optimal Energy Consumption and No Slippage in Challenging Terrains.”
16:50 – 17:10   Sebastian Sovero (Katie Byl) — UCSB, USA.
Title: “Mobility Challenges: Agility and Robustness – with Application to RoboSimian and the DRC.”

17:15 – 18:15   Discussion
18:15 – 18:20   Closing Remarks


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