Martim Brandao — Waseda University, Japan.


“Planning footsteps for optimal energy consumption and no slippage in challenging terrains.”

Energy consumption and stability are two important problems for humanoid robots deployed in challenging remote locations. In this talk we will introduce our footstep planning algorithm for humanoids that produces not only stable and slippage free but also energy optimal paths on flat ground, stairs, slanted and slippery terrain. We will discuss how we obtained and validated models of energy consumption and slippage for the humanoid robots KOBIAN and WABIAN and how footstep planning can be formulated such as to account for these with a reduced search space. The resulting motion has interesting human-like aspects that we will also discuss. Finally, we will briefly describe our perception module, specifically how we jointly deal with planning and uncertainty-reduction in the stereo-reconstructed world geometry.

Martim Brandao is a Ph.D. student at Takanishi Laboratory, Waseda University in Japan. His research focuses on human-inspired and efficient robot motion planning, as well as vision-related topics for robot locomotion. He was previously a Research Student at Waseda University (2011-2013) and Research Assistant at Instituto Superior Tecnico in Portugal (2010).


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