Invited Speakers

1. Sven Behnke — University of Bonn, Germany.
Title: “Hybrid Wheeled-Legged Locomotion in Semi-Structured Environments.”
Abstract and Bio: link


2. Ioannis Havoutis — IDIAP Research Institute, Switzerland.
Title: “Planning and Perception on HyQ: Real-Time and On-Board”
Abstract and Bio: link


3. Diego Pardo (Jonas Buchli)  — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Title: “Towards Optimal and Learning Control for Gait Free Legged Locomotion”
Abstract and Bio: link


4. Shuyun Chung (Oussama Khatib) — Stanford University, USA.

Title: “SupraPeds for Locomotion in 3D Unstructured Environments.”
Abstract and Bio: link


5. Maurice Fallon — University of Edinburgh, UK.
Title: “Continuous Locomotion with Stereo Fusion and Online Footstep Optimization.”
Abstract and Bio: link


6. Nicolas Mansard, Olivier Stasse — LAAS-CNRS, France.
Title: “Perception for Multi-Contact Locomotion on the HRP-2 Robot.”
Abstract and Bio: link


7. Philipp Karkowski (Maren Bennewitz) — University of Bonn, Germany.

Title: “Efficient Height Map Learning for Traversability Estimation and Footstep Planning.”
Abstract and Bio: link


8. Debora Clever (Katja Mombaur) — Heidelberg University, Germany.
Title: “Model-based Optimization for Humanoid Walking on Challenging Terrain.”
Abstract and Bio: link


9. Alexander Stumpf (S. Kohlbrecher, Oskar von Stryk)  — TU Darmstadt, Germany.
Title: “A Common Perception and Footstep Planning Approach for Different Humanoid Robots with Application to DRC Scenarios.”
Abstract and Bio: link


10. Péter Fankhauser (Marco Hutter) — ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
Title: “Localization and Terrain Mapping on StarlETH.”
Abstract and Bio: link


11. Martim Brandao — Waseda University, Japan.
Title: “ Planning Footsteps for Optimal Energy Consumption and No Slippage in Challenging Terrains.”
Abstract and Bio: link


12. Sebastian Sovero (Katie Byl) — University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA.
Title: “Mobility Challenges: Agility and Robustness – with Application to RoboSimian and the DRC.”



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